About Us

Nova Training is a highly successful training company specializing in corporate training markets. We believe in continuous development with respect and prestige. Training and non-formal education are key methods to build and develop nations.


We like to believe this is due to our superior service, our fantastic consultants and the general experience delegates receive from our training for their career enhancement. Our customer service strategy is evaluated constantly to measure the performance along with the associated performances of venues and instructors.


Our records, in Training & Development, go back to 2006. What we do is to enable individuals and organizations to make training more sensible and applicable to work. Our services were proven to be successful in both private and public sectors. It is so because our professional staff and trainers customize each and every course according to the needs and the level of every client.

Our Mission

We have a mission to be a global leader and a set of values, giving us our distinctive character and defining our approach to the global profession.

To be your strategic training partner and boost your performance upwards.

What We Do

  • Training to develop expertise
  • Consultancy to pinpoint areas where training can help
  • One-to-one intensive executive coaching for top management

Our values

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Respect clients & needs
  • Equal opportunities
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